Sunday, June 14, 2009

Memorial Day Part 1

Wow, I've got lots of pictures lately, huh? Well, pictures are my favorite, so hopefully you enjoy them as much as I do! For Memorial Day weekend, we decided last minute to go up to Boise and visit with Grandma Lois and Fred's. It was great to be able to see lots of family on that side that we haven't seen for ages. I absolutely love Grandma Lois and really enjoyed the weekend.

On Saturday we went to the temple since Lois was working there along with several family members. It was my first time in the Boise temple and it was fun to be there with family.

On Sunday, we went to church with Lois and Fred and afterwards we visited the cemetary along with many of the Hatch family members. This is the gravestone for Leland Hatch.

Right next to Leland is Terry's grave. Leland and Terry were sick at the same time ... it must have been so hard for Grandma Lois.

Had the throw in a shot of my cute boy!

Some candid shots of the family

and some more.

4 of the 6 Hatch kids with Grandma. Darlene, Lois, Susan, Ellen, Steve.

another cute Braden shot!

Across the road from Leland and Terry's grave is the grave of Aaron and Helen Jeppson, which are Lois' parents.

We gathered together and listed to Grandma tell us stories about her Mom and Dad. The grandchildren and great-grandchildren never met either and so it was fun to hear the stories she had to share. She talked about how her father did a lot of traveling for work as he built freeway overpasses. She talked about some of the different towns they lived in.

I wish I could have recorded what she said because I can't remember the details of what she said, but I remember that she talked about her mother with such love. She said that she wished we could have known them. Her father served in the army and she remembered that there had been a military gravemarker in addition to the gravestone he shared with his wife. But no one could find it.

Upon further investigation, we found the gravestone under the grass ... the grass had grown over it completely. Luckily Dan had some tools in his truck, so we could clear the grass ...

and brush the dirt away ...

To show the stone. I was surprised to see that he served in World War I ... wow!

Before we left, we had to get a picture with Grandma Lois!
Wouldn't be complete without a cute Aubrey picture!

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