Thursday, July 31, 2008


This will be the last news about Gavin's baseball team for this year. They played in a couple of tournaments. Unfortunately, they didn't win any games. For some reason his coaches put them in a "Super League" tournament (Super League is kind of the best of the all-stars), so they really struggled with that, but Gavin had a pretty good last game. He played center field and caught 6 fly balls! The game only went 4 innings, so Gavin made 1/2 of the outs. We were pretty proud. This is a picture of him making the 6th catch. Look carefully, you can see the ball about to land in his mitt.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa Keele update

Well how is everyone doing? We spent the 4th of July up at Joe's Valley in our trailer (the 2nd time we have taken it out). We had a great time. We fished one whole day and caught some fish but only kept 2 and ended up putting them in the garden with the corn. The next day we 4 wheeled and then went down to Castle Dale and got Samantha and she came up and camped with us a couple of nights. Tony and Jaime and family came up Sun night and had cobbler with us and that was great. Kendra and Bradley stayed the night. Samantha and I and the kids did a little 4 wheeling Monday and went to lunch at the Marina. It was just a nice relaxing time in our trailer.

Last week end we went to SLC to watch Gavin play in the All star game. It was fun to spend time with Trent's family and Taylors family and Samantha. After the game we had a picnic in the park and the kids played on the playground. We played a little softball throwing and frisbee throwing and then that night went to a Bees Game that they lost 11-2. Wasn't our week end for baseball. We went to church with Trent and then headed home. It was a nice week end. Dad needed to rest after working and doing cannery.

The cannery has been alot of fun but also alot of work. It is a very physical calling. Alot of lifting and working. People are getting serious about their food storage.

We are looking forward to Lake Powell. Wish we all could come. How we doing on being ready for the cruise. I am having a hard time finding a time when everyone will be able to go. New jobs and moving, etc. Help! We may have to wait until 2010. I don't want to but may have to. I should at least be able to decide by Oct. We may have to go in April rather than May. Let me know your feelings. Well I guess that is all for now. Looking forward to Trent and kids coming down this week end and taking the girls camping later this month. Keep in touch.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


First off, good luck on the new job Jaimee. That is stinky about Lake Powell, but hopefully something will work out for you. Money is pretty tight here too. Taylor has actually been applying for other jobs that pay better. We're hoping Lake Powell will work for us, it's going to be a wait and see what happens kind of thing. We've been praying and praying for the right opportunity to open up, so we'll see. So, it's not just you, it's the whole economy.

We finally got our family blog going, so check it out. The link is on the right hand side. We've been having a good summer so far. I can't believe how fast it is zooming by. The kids and I are getting ready to go up to Bear Lake for a few days with my sisters. Tammy rented a small condo up there for 3 nights. If you haven't been to Bear Lake, you totally should. In fact we should have a reunion up there. It is a blast. We went there last summer and decided that we are having a sister's weekend up there every year. It is still pretty cheap to stay and there is anything from camping to cabins to condos or houses to rent.

Well, I am rambling now. Hope Mike and Rachael are doing well in New Mexico. How about you, Samantha?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer 1/2 over!

I can't believe the summer is 1/2 over. Feels like it's just begining for me. I made it through June, yea! Girls Camp was great, we went to Helaman Hollow by Scofield which was nice and cool. I took Andee with me, and she was sooo good. At night we spent the night at my secretary's family cabin by Scofield so we slept comfortably and she was really good during the day. Everyone wanted to hold her, even on the last night when the stake pres. and bishops come up, our Stake president and his 1st counselor couldn't escape her charm and had to have a turn holding her. She was perfect for me. And then the next week was youth conference. We went down the Green River from Butler's wash to Swasey's Beach about 5 times. It was hot!! Andee went with us then also. Tony came with me and that helped. I was really worried about having her there in the heat the whole time, but on the first night our YM's President's parents (who live only 3 miles from our camping spot) came for dinner and desert, his stepmom suggested I let her watch Andee the next day while we went down the river. She was quite eager to babysit for me. So on Friday Tony watched her once before lunch then after we took her over to Sis. Nelsen's home. She watched her for about 5 hours while we ran the river twice. Sis. N. gave her a bath (which she needed), she had a nap, and played in the A/C home. So that was REALLY nice to get her out of the heat, she was such a good baby then also. Hardly ever cried or fussed. But as soon as we got home I think it all came out. We had a fun 4th of July. Our friends Josh and Amberlee came and spent the weekend with us. Tony and Josh took the boys to the driving range, then we all went swimming at the new and improved Helper pool, then we watched fireworks at the fairgrounds in Price, then we stayed up late watching our neighbors try and burn their house down with their fireworks. On Sat. Tony and Josh went golfing (suprise, suprise). Then we went to our other friends Val & Cristen for a BBQ. They left on Sunday after church. It was really good to see them. They also have a baby who it only 1 1/2 month older the Andee, but Andee is about twice as large as their Ali. It was cute to watch the babies interact when we'd lay them next to each other. I sure they'll be best friends.
Well, now for the sad news. I had to go out and find a job. It stinks, but it is what it is. We just weren't getting by, so I applied at Kmart and they offered me a job. They'll call me next week to start. I put down that I couldn't work before 5PM, except on Sat. So Tony can watch the kids when he gets home from work, and it shouldn't keep me from church either. With this sucky new job means I won't be able to come to Lake Powell, Tony might try and bring the kids for a few days, but he probably won't be able to come the full week either. Money is just a little to tight for us to be having Tony not working for a week. We're thinking he could take a day off, and he already has Friday's off so he could come down after work on Wed. of that week, if you guys are willing to come and pick him and Kendra and Bradley up at the dock.
Well i've gone on long enough. It's really early right now (Andee got me up at 5AM) she went back to sleep, so maybe i'll try getting some more sleep to. Love you all.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Scooter & All-Stars

Ok, so I have to amend what I said about the gas mileage of our scooter. We must have filled it up and not recorded the mileage and how much gas we put in. So, after running out of gas today and having to push the scooter about a block and a half down the sidewalk, I refigured the mileage. It got 69 mpg. So, while that is still much better than the 21 mpg the van gets, it's not 120. Sorry, I hope that none of you went out and bought one based on that. That said, I still love it. Any of you are welcome to come and test drive it. It is a blast to ride, unless it's raining (which it did today), that stings!

While I'm here I might as well brag about my totally AWESOME All-Star, Gavin. The team played a double header on Saturday. Gavin pitched the majority of the first game and pitched NO balls. Meaning that they were either perfect strikes or the batter swung at them. He had a great pitching game, not so great on the batting end. He struck out 3 times in a row and for each of those he didn't swing at the final strike. I don't think there is anything worse for a baseball player than to strike out because you didn't swing. (Okay, that wasn't bragging, I realize, but it makes the next part better.) They won that game by a landslide. I'm not going to get into the second game on Saturday because we lost by a landslide. But, we had a really great game last night. Gavin was the starting pitcher, he walked a few kids, but still did a great job. He had two great hits and scored 2 of our 4 runs. He played 2nd base for the second half of the game and made a really cool double play. He caught a line drive and immediately threw the ball to 3rd base for another out. I love it when he does cool stuff like that! I know that I am normally not a big (or even a little) sports fan, but watching your own kids play and succeed is totally different and I am kind of a crazy fan.