Thursday, June 12, 2008

Saving on Gas!

Check out our new scooter! It is so much fun and so much cheaper to drive back and forth to school!

Grandma and Grandpa Keele update

I am not sure where this is going but just in case everyone gets to read it I will up date what we are doing. Mostly working in the cannery and trying to find time to plant our garden. Between the wind blowing and the cannery and Kent working 10 and 12 hr days it hasn't been easy. We are looking forward to doing some things this summer. When Dad retires we will become pests to you people in SLC. Dad will be able to come up and help with projects you need help with and I will play with the grandkids. We will be leaving on the 20 to go to Rachaels to help them move to Clovis, New Mexico. That should be alot of fun and work.
We went on a cruise in June and had a great time. Really looking forward to going on a cruise with my kids if we can figure out when to go. Maybe by Oct I will know when we can go. With two son in laws having or maybe having new jobs I don't know if May 2009 will be too soon. I am really in a quandry what to do. I really want everyone to be there. (Can't afford to do it again). Help me out. We will probably have to go to Eastern Caribbean because Hawaii is really expensive. St Thomas and St Maarten, and Bahamas are really fun places.
We are looking forward to Lake Powell in August and camping with grandkids this summer. We want to do all the young ladies and then later the boys. We need to use our new camper and get to know those grandkids.
We have had a great life and looking forward to our 40th anniversary. Whew!! Dad made it!
I need to go to Boise this summer so might be planning to go with whoever can go. Sometime in July. I guess I had better go for now. The cannery is calling. I hope you are all trying to get your food storage. I know the people around here are. We cannot keep enough food in the cannery for people.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Wood Family

We've been doing pretty good. Tony tried the physical test for Highway Patrol and he wasn't able to do the sit-ups, he got 31/35, so he's working out and is going to try again in July.
I had a pretty good birthday, we just went to the park and had a picnic and played kickball, then went out for ice cream later that day. It was nice to have Tony to myself the whole day. He's usually running around helping others on our weekends that I rarely get to spend time with him. Our June is busy, of course everything is scheduled this month. We're taking the YW/YM to the Manti pagent on the 13th, then Girls Camp is the 17-19, and the then youth conference is the 26th-28th. So if anyone would love to have Kendra and Bradley come visit this summer, these dates would be a good time. Andee of course gets to go with me (yea!).
Kendra had her dance recital last night, and she did really well, except at the end. She got scared just before the finally when all the girls go up on the stage because the oldest class were dressed up like Zombie's, so she came out crying to us and refused to go back on stage. She's preforming at Lagoon this Friday, not that big of deal, except we haven't been in 5 years so this is a good reason for us to take our family.
Bradley is happy to have Kendra home for the summer. They play together pretty good, except when she doesn't want him to come in her room and play with her stuff. He likes going outside, and getting into all the things he's been told not to play with. I've tried to get him on a big boy bike, but he knows he can go faster on his trike still, so there's no convincing him to switch.
Andee is getting big, she was 80% height and only 30% weight at her last appt. so she's long and skinny. She's really noisy, laughing, cooing and gooing. And drooling. She still doesn't sleep thru the night, which means I'm always tired. She's almost figured out how to roll over, she gets stuck on her shoulder.
We don't have to many things planned this summer, Mom was talking about going to Boise in July, so me and kids will probably do that, and then Lake Powell is the begining of Aug. then school starts early for us, on the 18th. So our summer seems short already.
So we're just doing the same old stuff untill we find out if Tony gets on with Highway Patrol, If he does, then we will most certainly be moving, no positions available in Price area.